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Offshore Pile Hammers

The cycle begins at impact,the valve is rotated in such a way as to admit steam or air into the cylinder and below the piston. This accelerates the ram upward as shown in View 1. This continues until the exhaust wedge on the slide bar actuates the trip and rotates the valve to close off the steam or air inlet and opens the area of the cylinder below the piston to the atmosphere where the compressed air or steam is exhausted. The ram continues its free rise upward, decelerating with gravity until the top of the piston passes the relief ports and closes in the dashpot at the top of the cylinder. This trapped air, shown in View 2, compresses and brings the rising ram to a halt. The ram then makes a free drop to impact. Shortly before impact the intake wedge rotates the valve to admit steam or air to the cylinder and the cycle starts once again.


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