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Onshore Differential Acting Pile Hammer

The cycle begins at impact, the valve rotated so that the area above the large piston is

open to the atmosphere and exhausting the compressed air or steam from the previous stroke, as shown in View 3 below. The area in the cylinder between the large and small pistons is always pressurized, and, as in the beginning of the cycle, when there is only atmospheric on the top of the large piston, this creates an unbalanced force on the piston and the ram accelerates upward. As the ram moves upward the intake wedge actuates the trip, rotating the valve and admitting steam to the cylinder above the large piston as shown in View 4. This produces an unbalanced force downward on the ram, bringing the ram to a halt at the top of the stroke. The ram is then forced downward, gaining kinetic

energy both from gravity and the downward acting steam or air force, to impact. Just before impact the exhaust wedge rotates the valve once again to exhaust the compressed air or steam above the large piston and the cycle starts once again.

Onshore Single Acting Pile Hammer Diagram

Onshore Single Acting Pile Hammer Diagram

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