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Repair Welding Procedures

Repair welding is an important part of any construction site. A wide variety of repairs can be made to Vulcan equipment with welding; however, it must be done with care and with procedures that are in many cases beyond the capabilities of the ordinary construction site. The repair welding procedure applicable to a particular part depends upon its material composition. Contact your Vulcan service representative to determine the repair welding procedure for a particular part. Be sure to include the part number of the part, the serial number and any other identifying information you have available when requesting information. Also included are some general considerations for repair welding of Vulcan hammers. The repair welding procedures we have online are as follows:

General Considerations

1.0 SCOPE The purpose of this procedure is to establish a general welding procedure for the repair of some casting components of Vulcan Foundation Equipment Inc. hammers. It will cover only the fundamental parameters of the welding process. The we ... Read More    

Repair Welding Procedure VFE RWP-4 (Gray Iron)

1.0 SCOPE This procedure covers the repair welding of gray iron (flake- graphite iron) components. The appropriate base material specification is VIWI MS4 or equivalent. 2.0 DEFECT REMOVAL The defect may be removed by chipping, grinding or m ... Read More    
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