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Steam Chest Valve Liners

Replaceable Steam Chest Valve Liners are standard equipment in all Vulcan Single and Differential Acting Pile Hammers These Valve Liners were adopted to provide easy means of replacing worn surfaces in the Steam Chest in lieu of reboring.

Given below in the table are the Serial Numbers and dates of the first hammer in each size to be equipped with Valve Liners. All hammers with Serial Numbers subsequent to those given for each size of Hammer are equipped with Valve Liners.

As changes take place. additional data will be provided.

Hammer Size

Serial Number & Date

Onshore Std. Onshore Cable Offshore (Raised Steam Chest) Offshore (Lowered Steam Chest)
#2 FG-5335/11-29-67
#1 FG-5280/10-23-67
06 FG-5465/12-21-67
106 FI-6180/4-21-69
08 FG-5205/9-11-67 GD-9200/12-4-74
010 FG-5240/9-27-67 GD9035/8-8-74 FJ-6700/6-26-70
014 FG-5345/12-16-67
016 FI-6335/7-15-69 FG-4075/4-4-67
020 FG-5190/8-19-67 FH-5530/2-24-68
030 FH-5645/4-19-68
040 FI-6240/5-8-69 FG-5330/12-8-67
340 GC-8245/2-12-73
540 GD-8800/5-22-74
060 FH-5555/6-15-68
360 GD-9025/7-19-74
560 GC-8445/7-18-73
3100 GE-9450/6-11-75
30C FH-5520/2-12-68
50C FG-5150/9-22-67 FH-5805/8-15-68
65C FG-5300/11-2-67
80C FG-4040/2-17-67
85C FI-6100/1-7-69
100C GA-7590/11-12-71
140C FF-3005/1-20-67
200C FH-5570/3-8-68 GA-7595/11-11-71

Note: This was never followed up on. But in reality there was no need to, as virtually any Vulcan hammer made after 1970 (those with a serial number starting with a “G”, “H” or “I”) had a valve liner. In addition to providing a replaceable wear surface, the valve liner eliminated the need to cut the valve stems custom for each hammer by providing a consistent location for the ports.

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