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Exposed Mechanical Hazards

Probably the most obvious danger in working around the pile hammer is that of its exposed mechanical parts. Crushing, pinching or shearing can occur if workmen contact moving or movable parts of the hammer. Even the small parts of the hammer are heavy and can cause serious injury if they shift position. Workmen should remain well clear of the exhaust, valve mechanism and slide bar, columns, supporting rig, the ram, pile cap, and the ram point during the operation of the hammer. These areas should be avoided at all times. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. If it becomes necessary to work on the hammer, it should be cooled after use, the ram should be blocked, residual air or steam in the cylinder and steam or air lines should be relieved, after having been shut off. Steam or air pressure lines should be disconnected and the hammer should be in a secured position.

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