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Pile Hammer Equipment manufactures a complete line of accessories to use in driving all types of piling.

The sizes below are typical; there is no guarantee that any hammer can drive any of the piles shown. Accessories for special piles are available, but special leaders may be required. Also, Vulcan hammers feature extensive interchangeability of accessories among its hammers, please click here for more information.

Other types of driving accessories include: Cushion material, such as micarta (phenolic), aluminum, klingersill, stainless steel, hamortex and other high grade plastics).

  • Cushion Material
    • There are two basic cushion configurations, which are as follows: Integral Ring Cushion Pot: This is a cushion receptacle that is one piece with the driving accessory. We offer Hamortex cushion material for these cushion pots.
  • Capblock Follower/Shield
    • These contain a taller cushion stack than the integral rings, and generally use alternately stacked Micarta and aluminium capblock plates. Pile Hammer Equipment can also provide the capblock followers/shields and all necessary plates for using Micarta and aluminium.
  • Other miscellaneous accessories such as air hose and air line oilers are also available.

Onshore Accessories

For Onshore hammers, the maximum size of pile for each hammer is shown below. We configure our accessories in such a way that most all hammers with a common standard jaw size use the same accessory for a given pile. This adds to the versatility of ac ... Read More    

Offshore Accessories

The diagram to the left shows the basic assembly for Vulcan Offshore Type Pile Hammers, with the component parts. Vulcan offers all of these, and more, for it's customers. These include: Pipe Caps Pipe caps are configured to adapt the hamme ... Read More    
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