Vulcan 06 Air Pile Hammer With Excavator Mounted Mast

Excavator Mounted Masts Are Ideal in Remote Areas & Confined Spaces

Sometimes it may not be economical or practical to use leads and a crane on a job, particularly if the job is in a remote area or confined space. Our Excavator Mounted Mast is ideal in these situations because it provides a significant cost savings for the transportation, mobilization and de-mobilization of a crane. 

The system has the ability to boom down to travel safely underneath utility lines, without removing the hammer.  The mast comes in a standard length of 45', with bolt on tail sections up to 15'.  It is equipped with a hammer winch and pile winch controlled by an independent "plug and play" valve system with in-cab controls.  Other features include a removable head block and boom point connection, as well as a universal two pin connection point.

Our Excavator Mounted Mast has the following features:

  • Configured to fit any excavator make or model
  • Works with any hammer type including air, diesel, and hydraulic impact hammers and vibratory hammers
  • Suitable for a wide range of piles including sheet, H-beam, concrete, pipe, and timber
  • Allows quick positioning of pile on uneven terrain