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Demonstration of the Vulcan 520 air hammer in action:

Primarily we support pile hammers that are air, pneumatic or steam operated, in a broad range of sizes. If you need specifications for other lines of air hammers, please contact us.

Air hammers have been providing reliable service to contractors for a period spanning three centuries. They are still widely used today, a technology that has been in existence since the first Vulcan air hammer was produced in 1887. The largest pile hammer ever produced in the United States was an air hammer, the Vulcan 6300, with 1.8 million ft lbs of energy. Today, the Vulcan air hammers represent more than a century of development, refinement and improvement while still adhering to the basic concept that is free of persistent breakdown, thus avoiding to expensive and embarrassing delays. The result of all of this is the long standing reputation of the Vulcan air hammer for reliability and pile driving capability. In addition to the characteristics of the hammer itself, the owner is backed up by a comprehensive factory sales and service team.

Our hammers include many design features that make them simple to use and maintain. The following are some examples of these features.

  • Vari-Cycle II
    • The Vari-Cycle II allows the operator to change the stroke (and thus the energy setting of the hammer) from the hammer operator’s station while driving. This minimizes problems from both downtime and pile soil freeze. We have improved our trip shifting mechanism by making it simpler. The trip shifting cylinder has been eliminated by incorporating it into the open steam chest head bracket. This allows for fewer parts and fewer repairs, which in turn cuts costs for the contractor. The Vari-Cycle II is currently available for the 306, 505, 506, 508, 510 & 512 Vulcan Hammers. Other sizes will be available upon request.
  • Traverse Tip
    • This performs the same features as the Vari-Cycle but allows the user to change the energy setting manually at the hammer.
  • Cable Ties (Cylinder to Base)
    • These replace the column keys on the hammer to provide a low maintenance method of holding the hammer together through the high impact environment of pile driving.
  • Cable Ties (Cylinder Head to Base)
    • The same as the other cable ties, except that the cables go all of the way to the top of the hammer which is advantageous in many situations (such as mandrel driving).
  • Nylon Slide Bars
    • Designed to actuate the valve during operation and are lighter and more durable than their steel predecessors.

We support both onshore (single acting and differential acting) and offshore pile hammers.

Onshore Differential Acting Pile Hammer

The cycle begins at impact, the valve rotated so that the area above the large piston is open to the atmosphere and exhausting the compressed air or steam from the previous stroke, as shown in View 3 below. The area in the cylinder between the lar ... Read More    

Onshore Single Acting Pile Hammer

While all of the Vulcan air/steam hammers have the same basic operating principle, there are variations within the various lines that enable the contractor to select the optimum hammer for the application. These variations are as follows: Three (3) F ... Read More    

Offshore Pile Hammers

The cycle begins at impact,the valve is rotated in such a way as to admit steam or air into the cylinder and below the piston. This accelerates the ram upward as shown in View 1. This continues until the exhaust wedge on the slide bar actuates the tr ... Read More    
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