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User’s Guide To Safe Operation

NOTICE: This guide contains important information about the use and characteristics of the Vulcan Pile Hammers. Because misuse of this machinery may result in injuries to personnel and the loss of property, this guide should be carefully reviewed by all maintenance, operating and support personnel.

Today’s Vulcan Pile Hammer is the product of over one hundred years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Every component of the machine has been designed for maximum reliability and is fabricated from the most suitable materials available. Although we feel this machine has earned a reputation within the construction industry for both reliability and safety, we also feel that it is our duty to convey to you potential hazards associated with its use.

This User’s Guide presents a discussion of each of the general types of hazards which must be considered for the successful use of the Vulcan Pile Hammer. Although considerable effort has been made to identify situations which may involve risk to personnel or property and to suggest how these risks may be avoided, nothing will substitute for good maintenance and well trained operators.

Maintenance and Repairs

Repairs by anyone other than Vulcan Foundation Equipment Inc. or its authorized representatives or use of replacements parts other than Vulcan Foundation Equipment Inc. parts will void all warranties covering the hammer. By closely following the O ... Read More    

Storage Precautions

If the pile hammer is to be stored or out of service for an extended period of time, certain precautions should be taken to prevent damage to the hammer and risk to personnel. A storage or resting place should be selected which will adequately sup ... Read More    

Shipping Precautions

The foremost source of difficulty in shipping or moving the pile hammer is its size and weight. Whether the hammer is laid on a platform, vehicle, or a vessel, it should be determined that its support is adequate and that the hammer is well secured. ... Read More    

Hearing Damage

There are two primary types of noise which are produced by any pile hammer. The first is impact noise produced by the ram striking the pile. The second type of noise is produced by the operating steam or air as it is exhausted from the cylinder. In b ... Read More    

Air Contamination

When working in the vicinity of an operating pile hammer, some consideration should be given to the possibility of air contamination. Almost without exception, the exhaust of a hammer will contain contaminants. The most common of these are traces ... Read More    

High Temperature Hazards

Although the pile hammer is constructed of non-flammable materials, the high temperature generated during use can pose a threat to the user if caution is not used. The types of hazards that may be produced are, first, the combustion of materials asso ... Read More    

Exposed Mechanical Hazards

Probably the most obvious danger in working around the pile hammer is that of its exposed mechanical parts. Crushing, pinching or shearing can occur if workmen contact moving or movable parts of the hammer. Even the small parts of the hammer are heav ... Read More    

Pressure and Wear Failures

Although unlikely to occur under normal operating conditions, hose failure can cause substantial injuries to personnel and property since the steam or air pressure used is typically over 100 PSI. This line pressure, when distributed over a few square ... Read More    

Falling Objects and Projectiles

The pile hammer is a relatively large and heavy machine which is normally used in a suspended position. Consequently, gravity can propel the hammer or any of its parts downward with great force. Therefore, every effort should be made to see that neit ... Read More    

Operating Techniques

The pile hammer should be used only by well trained and experienced personnel. Before using the hammer all instruction and safety manuals should be thoroughly reviewed by all operating and maintenance personnel. These references are an invaluable sou ... Read More    
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